Report Finder - Help

The Report Finder is a database driven libary of all the APA's published reports. Use the various column filters to narrow down your search. For example, under Entity, you can enter the name of a city, town, or agency, then press enter on your keyboard or click the "Apply Filter" button. All reports for the matching entity are then shown.


You can search for report titles containing a keyword, like tax:

Click the "Apply Filter" button after entering your critera in the filters, or hit enter on your keyboard.  Additionally, the "Remove Filter " button will remove all filters you have entered and show all the reports.

You can narrow reports by selecting a category:

You can also filter on the report year:

Reports can be filtered on multiple criteria at the same time.  For example, you can search based on an entity, category of report, and year to show only those matching reports:


Related Reports - You will see a "+" next to the report titles, which means you can expand a specific report to see it's related entities or departments.  These are various other entities or departments mentioned in the report, which may aid in helping your search: